US gets advanced night vision devices for troops

Washington Times:
... the ENVG III/FWS-I technology provides troops with the following benefits:

  • Soldiers will no longer need to switch between night vision goggles and weapon-mounted thermal sights to engage an enemy.
  • Wireless technology allows a soldier to “see” what the rifle “sees,” which negates the need to look through a weapons sight.
  • Ultra-sharp images remove the need to ‘paint’ targets with lasers.
  • The new technology does a better job of seeing “through” obstacles “like dense foliage.”
  • ENVG III/FWS-I weigh less than previous iterations of the technology.

A monocular used by troops even allows them to “shoot from around a building corner” or “above their heads with accuracy while safely tucked behind a giant concrete barrier,” Fox News reported.
Will liberals claim these devices are unfair to the enemy?  I would not put it past them, but the description suggests US troops will have a significant advantage in night attacks.


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