Kerry attempts to kill Palestinian Middle East peace plan

Daily Mail:
Former Secretary of State John Kerry recently told a confidant of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that he is considering a second run for the presidency in 2020.

Kerry ran unsuccessfully against President George W. Bush in 2004.

His comments, reported by the Israeli newspaper Ma'ariv, came during a London discussion about the Middle East peace process with Hussein Agha, a Lebanese academic who is close to Abbas.

Kerry, 74, said his advanced age wouldn't be an impediment to mounting another White House bid, and urged Agha to tell Abbas to 'stay strong' and 'play for time' while Trump is in the White House.

The paper reported that Kerry 'used derogatory terms and even worse' to describe President Donald Trump, and said Abbas should focus on personally attacking the U.S. president rather than weighing in on his foreign policy decisions.

Kerry told an audience at the World Economic Forum last year that the Trump administration would last only 'a year' or 'two years' if he were to pull out of an Obama-brokered nuclear deal with Iran.

He told Agha that he could broker an Israeli-Palestinian peace process that's separate from the on-again, off-again roadmap the Trump administration is pursuing.

That, he said, would involve winning the support of both Arab and European nations.
Kerry is a guy who has been wrong about most things his entire career.  Now he is out of step not only with the Trump administration on the Middle East peace process but also most of the Middle East.  Instead, he is siding with the terrorist of Iran and the Abbas regime.  His Swiftboat comrades were right about him in their attacks.  I can understand why many people call him a traitor.


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