Democrat edge in generic ballot now within margin of error

The generic congressional ballot has continued to tighten, according to a new CNN poll conducted by SSRS, with the Democrats' edge over Republicans within the poll's margin of sampling error for the first time this cycle.

About six months out from Election Day, 47% of registered voters say they back the Democratic candidate in their district, 44% back the Republican. Voters also are divided almost evenly over whether the country would be better off with the Democrats in control of Congress (31%) or with the GOP in charge (30%). A sizable 34% -- including nearly half of independent voters (48%) -- say it doesn't matter which party controls Congress.
It is down from the 16 point lead the Democrats had at the height of the Russian collusion hysteria and the vicious attacks on the President.  Since it is now clear to most sentient beings there was no collusion and the media keeps getting one false story after another than it has to walk back the credibility of it and the Democrats is shrinking.  It is also shrinking as the effects of Trump policies are creating jobs at a rate unseen in the past.


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