Never Trumpers are still 'never Democrats'

Erick Erickson:
Yes, I Am Never Democrat

Jonathan Chait is occasionally more self-aware than he is in this piece about how the "Never-Trumpers are really just Never-Democrats." As one of the people who helped drive up the #NeverTrump hashtag, let me confirm for him that yes I am absolutely #NeverDemocrat even if I do not like and did not vote for Donald Trump.

Chait really provides no serious diagnosis for why that would be and I suspect it is because he agrees with where the Democratic Party is and will not see it as I see it. But what I see is a Democratic Party as authoritarian and totalitarian as they project Donald Trump to be. Pro-lifers and Christians like me are unwelcome. Those who believe the states should be left mostly alone and people be able to live in communities of interest are unwelcome. Those who support the free market over government control and union incursion are unwelcome. Those who support the second amendment are unwelcome. People who homeschool their kids are unwelcome. Cory Booker gets cheered on for demanding to know the CIA Director's position on homosexuality while ignoring the "no religious test" prohibition in the Constitution. But Trump is declared to be running roughshod over the constitution.
This is a factor that weighs against the so-called "blue wave" election for the midterms.  These people will still be energized to vote against Democrats.  There is also the fact that despite Trump's faults, he has governed as the most conservative President in recent memory and the economy is responding well to his policies.


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