Texas representative accused of abusing his power to attack opponent?

Erick Erickson:
Texas Republican Charlie Geren Sends Child Services Against Opponent

Texas's Child Protective Services showed up at the French family home. The family refused to cooperate. The questions asked by the Texas CPS stemmed from an incident that happened in from(sic) of Charlie Geren's campaign workers, which naturally drew the French family's suspicions. Mr. and Mrs. French, by refusing to cooperate with a politically motivated inquiry were labeled a "moderate risk" for abusing their children by CPS. They fought back and, in deposing one of the people involved discovered their suspicions were accurate. Likewise, the Frenchs had an outside pediatrician examine their children, who are fine. Geren has responded by pushing out the false CPS report claiming it is legitimate. Texas reporters have failed to note that the French family, through their legal action, exposed that it was all a political stunt.
This seems over the top for a political campaign.


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