Putin runs his economy into the ground to build new weapons

Washington Post:
Putin claims Russia has nuclear arsenal capable of avoiding missile defenses

Russian President Vladimir Putin said his country plans to bolster its arsenal with nuclear-powered cruise missiles capable of hitting any point on the globe. In a speech, he warned that Moscow would mobilize an immediate response to any nuclear attack on it or its allies.
Putin is running for reelection only weeks after his "little green men" strategy got blown to smithereens by US forces in Syria.  In fact, some of the survivors of that fight put their losses in even more graphic terms. 

Putin also has introduced lesser weapons in recent years that he has not been able to mass produce because they lack the funding because they have lost their dominant position in energy sales.  After the little green men fiasco he brought down a couple of stealth aircraft to Syria that have not even completed the test phase and they are already 10 years or more behind US technology.  All of this raises credibility questions about what Putin is trying to sell.

The one thing Putin does have going for him is the utter failure of the Obama administration to build up the UN arsenal as it should have been.  All of the weapons Putin is touting are probably also under development by the US.  Obama's cutting of defense spending might give the Russians a better shot than they should have at producing these weapons before the US does.


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