When taxpayers learn that they are the single payer for healthcare

San Francisco Chronicle:
Californians like single-payer health care — until they learn taxes must rise to pay for it

The cost is more than concerning, it’s catastrophic. Implementing a single-payer system would require tens of billions of dollars in new taxes — and thereby lead the Golden State into financial ruin.

The state Senate has admitted as much. The chamber passed Senate Bill 562 in June to create a system that provides “free” care to all California residents, including undocumented immigrants. The bill would eliminate co-pays, deductibles and all other forms of cost-sharing.

The price tag for the single-payer plan envisioned by SB562, per a Senate Appropriations Committee report, is $400 billion per year. Half of that figure would come from new taxes.

To put those figures in perspective, the state’s total expenditures next year are projected to be about $183 billion. So single-payer would effectively double the state budget.
That it is costly should have been obvious.  That it will reduce choices and lead to rationing of healthcare has been the experience in countries that have gone to this system.  It also takes away the incentive to innovate.

Are people willing to pay twice as much in taxes to get a single-payer system?


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