The spending deal was a compromise to get enough Democrat votes to avoid a series of shutdowns

NY Times:

Republicans Used to Hate Deficits. Have They Given Up?

  • Since the 2008 financial crisis, conservative economists and Republicans have said that the government was spending and borrowing too much.
  • But now that they control power in Washington, President Trump and conservative lawmakers have yet to enforce fiscal discipline.
If the Republicans had the votes to defeat a Senate filibuster by Democrats they never would have agreed to the profligate spending the Democrats demanded.  As much as they still hate deficits, they made a decision to get past the near weekly shutdown votes the Democrats were causing and get the needed defense spending that was needed to recover from Obama's bad defense policies. 

It is disingenuous to say they have control when they do not have a filibuster proof majority.  If they did the amount spent would have been much less.  I think the media knows this and they are ignoring it to throw shade at Republicans for their own political purposes.


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