Wolfe's book attacking Trump is alleged to be filled with factual errors

Daily Caller:
Michael Wolff’s sensational new book on the early days of the Trump administration is riddled with errors and dubiously sourced claims.

Here’s what The Daily Caller has found so far:

1. The most striking portrait of Wolff’s carelessness in checking basic facts occurs in the early chapters of the book where he misspells a CNN political analyst’s name, misidentifies the position commerce secretary Wilbur Ross was nominated for at the time, and places a reporter at a restaurant he says he has never been to.
2. Wolff parroted a claim that the president once skipped a meeting with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in order to get a haircut. Washington Post White House reporter Ashley Parker noted several journalists heard the claim, “but no one wrote it bc every source w first-hand knowledge said it simply wasn’t true.”

McConnell’s chief of staff Don Stewart followed up on Parker’s tweet, saying the incident absolutely had not happened.

3. Wolff printed an unsubstantiated claim that Trump had no idea who former House speaker John Boehner was after the election. Trump, however, has tweeted about the former House speaker seven times since July 28, 2011 referencing ongoing political events.
Boehner even told a Stanford audience in April of 2016 that Trump was his “golfing and texting buddy.” Worse, Wolff claimed Boehner was forced to resign from intra-party strife four years earlier than he actually did so.
There is much more.

Wolfe has been quoted as saying that he would say anything to get an interview. The factual errors suggest he would say anything to attack the President, regardless of whether it was true.


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