Why did Diane Feinstein think Fusion leaders testimony would be helpful to Democrat narrative?

Fusion GPS Transcript Shows Glenn Simpson Lies Through His Teeth And Fusion GPS Had Early Contact With The FBI
The transcript does show inconsistencies with the facts as we know them which could be called lies.  It also contains what looks like slippery evasions or non-responsive answers design to sound responsive.
... I think you can see that the release fell flat as it has virtually vanished from coverage today. Had it helped the Democrats at all, it would be the top item in today’s news cycle. But there are some interesting things in the transcript that, right now, seem to be baldfaced lies. Go to page 288 of the transcript and read along:

Q. Has Fusion GPS ever offered directly or indirectly to pay journalists to publish information?

A. No.

Q. I’ll repeat the question. Are you aware of any of Fusion’s clients offering directly or indirectly to pay journalists to publish information from Fusion?

A. Not to my knowledge or recollection, no.
Notice how the first answer is probably wrong since the firm has admitted to paying at least three journalists in some context that we were led to believe was unrelated to the dossier.  But the second answer is a slippery fall back to a recollection issue that was famously urged on witnesses in the Watergate era.

There is much more in this piece.  I still am puzzled why someone "pressured" Feinstein to release the testimony.  Apparently, the pressure was so urgent she did not have time to inform the Republicans on the panel that she was doing this.

I sense there is some on the Democrat side who believe they have lost control of the narrative and they thought this would help them regain traction.  It looks like they were wrong and it will backfire on them.

I think that sometimes partisans see and hear what they want to hear and disregard things which are not helpful to their point of view.  That may be the case here.

BTW, at the same time Fusion was going after Trump it was also trying to steer the FBI away from investigating Hillary Clinton.


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