US needs a colorblind merit based immigration system

The Trump administration could put the Durbin attempt to kill a deal behind them if they simply said the merit-based system they seek would be colorblind.  It would choose from the best and brightest to make sure the country is not importing an underclass of dependency.

The US should not give any country a special status for immigration.  For example, Haiti is a failed state in the eyes of most people but there have been some exceptional people immigrate to the US from Haiti such as Mia Love's family and guys like Whitney Mercilus.  Nigeria is famous for its con artists, but it has also brought some high function people to the US who are doctors or other skilled professionals.  But you would not want to invite in their con artists.

It does this country no good to import low functioning people be they from Europe or Africa.  The current policy of "protected status" has brought in more welfare cases than high functioning people.  It appears the Democrats like this because it creates a dependency underclass they see as potential Democrats.  In fact their internal studies supporting DACA because they think the Dreamers will become Democrats. If they thought they would be Republicans they would build a wall immediately.

The Obama policy on Syrian refugees is an example of the type of discrimination Democrats do on immigration.  Despite the fact that Christians were a persecuted class subject to genocide in the Syrian civil war, Obama's policy virtually excluded the Christian refugees in favor of Muslims who they saw as more likely to become Democrats.  They feared the Christians would become Republicans.  It was a policy that never made sense otherwise.

What is wrong with wanting people from Norway if they are high functioning contributors to society?

US immigration policy should be merit based selecting high functioning people no matter where they are from.  The current "protected status" policy appears to do the opposite.  As long as the process is colorblind the Democrat argument for the status quo would be exposed for what it is.  Will they admit they want more low functioning people because they are more likely to vote for Democrats?


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