Trump's attorney sues Buzzfeed for publishing dirty dossier

Daily Mail:
President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen is suing Buzzfeed for publishing the infamous Russia dossier last year.

The dossier, which alleged collusion between Trump staff including Cohen and Russian agents, was compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele.

The ex-MI6 agent produced the file for Fusion GPS, a strategic intelligence firm which has links to the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee.
Cohen says in his lawsuit that the dossier painted him as having an inappropriate and possibly criminal relationship with the Russian government facilitated by his wife's links to a property developer.

His wife was born in the Ukraine.

Cohen says that none of these allegations are true and that his father-in-law is not a leading property developer in Moscow.

Cohen also refutes in the lawsuit claims in the dossier that he met with Russian officials in the Czech Republic in August 2016 at the height of the election campaign.

He maintains that he has never been to the country and he tweeted a photo of his US passport last year with the caption: I have never been to Prague in my life. #fakenews.'
There is pretty compelling evidence that the statements about Cohen in the dossier were not true.  I think it is also questionable that the defendants can claim that Cohen was a public figure since few people outside his friends and clients were aware of his existence before the dossier was published.  It also appears that little effort was made to determine whether the allegations were true prior to their publication.


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