The Democrats retreat from the dossier their party purchased with payments to Russians

Paul Sperry:
What we have here is the miniaturization of the scandal as originally presented. The conspiracy-mongers are receding and retracting from their original accusations and smears in a fit of anxiety over what Congress will uncover about the Obama Justice Department’s reliance on this Democrat-underwritten dossier.

Its shameless Democratic promoters got everyone lathered up over a false conspiracy theory, and now they’re realizing they overreached and are running for the exits, revising history, recasting narratives, covering their keisters.

They led the nation on a wild goose chase, and now they fear the reckoning.
It is a strategic retreat because the dossier and its use by DOJ have become indefensible.  But they are still determined to "resist" Trump's election so it is on to other contrivances to try to bring him down. 

The theme today in the Washington Post suggests they are going revive a push for a case of obstruction of justice.   It too is a weak case. 

You can make a stronger case that the FBI's handling of Hillary Clinton's mishandling of classified material is obstruction of justice since it appears it was done for partisan purposes because those working the case virulently opposed the Trump candidacy.


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