Some in media ignore what Iranian protesters were actually saying

Washington Post:
Countless Iranians say their savings have been wiped out by the collapse of fraudulent businesses and unlicensed credit institutions in recent years, and anger over these losses came on top of frustration over a sluggish economy. Economists cite the abrupt closure of the poorly regulated institutions as laying the foundation for the unrest that began in December.
The real anger was directed at the mullahs' priorities of spending money on Hezballah and Hamas and wars in Syria and Yemen instead of growing their own economy.  It is ironic that Obama's bad deal with Iran took away their excuse of sanctions hurting the economy.   Endless investments in nuclear-tipped missiles and wars they cannot afford have alienated the Iranian working class.  Putting the demonstrators in jail or killing them will not solve that problem.

The fraudulent businesses and lending practices are just one element of the corruption that infests the Iranian leaders.  If someone is kin to the leaders or has some other ties they can reap fortunes, but those without connections lead a miserable life. 

The corruption is enforced by mafia-style thugs and the Revolutionary Guard.  Then there are the absurd dress codes for the women that are also a sore spot.  There is nothing really to like about Iran's leaders.  It is curious that Obama was willing to engage in deceit with the American people to do his bad deal and try to keep people who wish us death in power.


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