Palestinians have worn out their welcome with Arabs too

NY Times:

Tapes Hint at Arab Leaders’ Acceptance of Jerusalem Move

While Egypt denounced President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, an Egyptian intelligence officer coached talk show hosts to persuade their listeners to accept it, according to recordings obtained by The New York Times.
I think this is true in other Arab countries too.  Israel is not seen as a threat to real Arab countries and Iran is.  The Palestinians are attempting to be a faux Arab country but they have also been tied to Iran which is attempting hegemony in the region.  There is a reason that Iranian dissidents are yelling that they do not want to see their money spent on Gaza, Hamas or Hezballah.  Everyone is getting fed up with the Iranian mullahs.

Obama's bad Iran deal may also have sparked discontent with not only Iran but the Palestinians.  Israel is now seen as a stable and strong ally in the war being waged by Iran.  Ironically it also is probably responsible for the discontent in Iran where people are fed up with spending on terrorist organizations outside of the country while their economy atrophies.  They likely see the Obama windfall going to others and they are angry about it not going to grow the economy.


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