Obama officials embraced the dirty dossier knowing that it was unverified briefing Congress and the courts as if true

Andrew McCarthy:
When you look at it hard, two conclusions are impossible to escape: First, at the height of the 2016 campaign, Obama intelligence officials anxiously adopted Christopher Steele’s allegations of traitorous conduct by then-candidate Donald Trump rather than first subject his “dossier” to rigorous investigation — even though Steele himself admits that his “raw,” “unverified” reports might not be true.
Second, at the same time the FBI was receiving Steele’s reports — which were based on multiple-hearsay from anonymous Russian sources, and paid for by the Clinton campaign — Obama intelligence officials were briefing congressional leaders about them, thereby ensuring that they’d be publicized just six weeks before Election Day.
There is much more.

It is also likely that they presented the unverified "intelligence" as fact to the FISA court.  I doubt the court was told that it was based on hearsay that Democrat dollars were used to pay Russian sources for.   Has the FBI and the DOJ ever botched a case this big so badly before?


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