Is San Antonio's police department acting like a sanctuary city?

Controversy swirls in Texas as the San Antonio Police Department has been criticized for its judgement in a human smuggling incident, after a case involving 12 alleged illegal aliens was not turned over to U.S. Immigration and Custom Enforcement. Instead, SAPD opted to handle the case locally and allow these individuals free without so much as a fingerprint or background check. However, SAPD Chief William McManus maintains that his decision to not contact the federal agency was well within his rights as police chief.

Two drivers were arrested on December 23rd, 2017 after police discovered 11 adults and one minor, possibly from Guatemala, riding in the back of their semi-truck trailer in the San Antonio area.

After arresting the two men, SAPD failed to alert ICE of the passengers in the back of the truck. Instead, they brought the stowaways to the local police station and contacted an immigrant aid organization. These 12 alleged illegal aliens were then let go without any charges. The two drivers who were arrested will be tried in district court in 2018. As for their passengers, at least one councilman questions why they were not given a background check before being released.
If the police followed their customary policy it is a bad policy.   If they released illegal aliens into the population, they have no way of knowing whether they were terrorists or carpenters.  But it seems clear that they were in the country in violation of immigration laws.


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