Flake's ridiculous comparison of Trump to Stalin

Gabriella Hoffman:
Most rational people—even those critical of Trump's policies—find this comparison in poor taste and insulting to the memories of those oppressed and killed by Stalin. I'm one of those people. My maternal grandpa survived 18 months in one of Stalin's gulags on the Russian-Finnish border. He was timid and scarred for life until his death in 1999 because of the torture he endured in that wretched place. Flake insults the memories of victims and survivors like my grandpa by insinuating Trump is like Stalin. Shame on you, Senator.

You know who mirrors Joseph Stalin today? North Korean bully Kim Jun Un, Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Maduro, and Russian oligarch President Vladimir Putin, who routinely glorifies Stalin's memory. Get your priorities straight, Senator Flake.

Trump Derangement Syndrome has debilitating consequences, and even those who constructively criticize Trump have had enough of the illusory comparisons. Let's get back to serious dialogue and not political grandstanding, please.
It is a good thing Flake is leaving the Senate.  He has become so warped by his animus toward the President that he has lost perspective on the real problem of this world.

Trump is hostile to political correctness which makes him blunt in his speech patterns.  That is not the same as a mass murder who completely controlled the media of his country where everyone in it worked for him  It is pretty clear that no one in the US media works for Trump.


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