Do Democrats care about the abuses of power by the Obama administration?

Doug Ross:
In the days leading up to the general election, the Russian conspiracy theory was relentlessly marketed by the Clinton campaign itself as well as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. The lie was to no avail.

After Trump's victory, the Obama administration then conducted illegal surveillance on his transition team, wiretapping Trump Tower. The Democrats' intent was clear: to somehow prevent the inauguration of the GOP candidate. These illegal activities occurred until NSA director Mike Rogers became sufficiently concerned of the outgoing administration's actions that he personally warned Trump of the Obama administration's machinations.

The very next day, Trump moved his headquarters to a location in Bedminster, New Jersey. For Rogers' troubles, top Obama intelligence officials, including Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, recommended the NSA chief be removed from office.

We have briefly summarized two of the most dangerous scandals in American history.

  • Using the IRS to suppress political opponents
  • Worse yet, trying to fix a presidential election

So, tell me: is there a single Democrat who has decried these tactics?
Ross makes the case against the Democrats as I did in this post.  But his question is relevant.  Do Democrats think this conduct is OK?  Would they think it would be OK for the Trump administration to do these things?

I think they have allowed their hatred of Trump and Republicans in general to bury any semblance of integrity.


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