Democrats on the wrong side of the voters on immigration issue

Washington Post:
‘A giant symbol’: In fight over Trump’s wall, Democrats who once supported a border barrier now oppose it

The debate over the fate of the undocumented “dreamers” shows how the politics of a physical barrier have shifted during this administration.
Border walls are an effective means to slow illegal migration.  They have stopped Palestinian terror attacks inside Israel and have been effective in certain European countries in stopping illegal Muslim migration.

Trump's demands for doing a deal on DACA are favored by more people than those who favor DACA.
Every time Pres. Trump tweets that any DACA deal has to include the elimination of Chain Migration and the Visa Lottery, he's speaking the mind of most Americans who say they are likely to vote in this fall's midterm elections, according to a new poll.

By nearly a 2-to-1 margin, likely voters said any legalization of young-adult illegal immigrants should include an end to Chain Migration of extended family members beyond spouse and minor children.
The national survey found that twice as many voters want to eliminate the Visa Lottery as want to keep it.

By far more than a 2-to-1 margin, likely voters also said any legalization deal should require employers to use E-Verify to keep them from enticing future illegal immigration by giving jobs to illegal foreign workers.
The Democrats better take the deal Trump is offering and try to put the issue behind them or it will come back to haunt them in the mid-term elections.


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