Carter Page strikes back at those who used dirty dossier to attack him

Paul Sperry:
A former Trump campaign adviser claims the Obama administration used false Russian propaganda underwritten by the Hillary Clinton campaign to illegally spy on him. The material, he says, was used to frame him as a Russian spy, in a scheme to derail Trump’s bid for the White House and later cripple his presidency.
Page contends that, in fact, it was the Obama government that interfered in the election to derail Trump by using Steele’s so-called “intelligence reports” to target him and the campaign for investigation — and even secret surveillance.

He compared Steele to the notorious Iraqi defector “Curveball,” who fed the US government bad intelligence about Saddam Hussein’s supposed WMD program.

Page also laced into the Washington media, who spread “falsehoods” from the dossier during the election — even though he maintains they knew at the time the document was a specious political product bought and paid for by the Clinton camp.

He complains prominent journalists kept a lid on Clinton’s role in the dossier until October of this year, when Congress subpoenaed the bank records of the opposition-research firm that Clinton’s lawyers hired.

“It was an open secret among many DC reporters,” Page said without naming names. “A few journalists shared the information (about Clinton’s involvement) with me back in September (2016).”

Page is suing various media who parroted the dossier’s charge against him, including Yahoo News and the Huffington Post, for libel. His is one of five libel lawsuits filed by plaintiffs accused by Steele and the dossier.

In court filings, defendant Steele admits his reports contain “unverified” information.

Page is also suing the US Broadcasting Board of Governors, which, he argues, under the direction of the Obama administration, broadcast in September and early November 2016 false charges from the dossier through two government propaganda networks it controls — Radio Liberty and Radio Free Europe — in order to hurt the Trump campaign.

In a recent closed-door meeting with the House intelligence committee, Page repeatedly denied under oath ever even meeting the two Kremlin officials cited in he dossier. Page swore the only reason he was in Moscow at the time was to deliver a “benign” college commencement speech as he’d done in years past.
“Let me tell you, Carter page’s trip to Moscow — [there] was absolutely nothing there. That’s clear,” said Rep. Peter King (R-NY), a House intelligence panel member.
There is more.

I suspect that political enemies of Trump within the government wanted desperately to believe the dirty dossier.  Some may have seen it as an "insurance policy" if Trump was elected.  So far the only thing the FBI has been able to verify according to Andrew McCade was that Carter made a trip to Moscow.  That is it.  Apparently, the bugging of Page's phone got them nothing.


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