Author of dirty dossier subject of Congressional criminal referral

NY Times:

G.O.P. Senators Ask for Criminal Inquiry for Dossier Author

The first known criminal referral has emerged from Congress’s Russia inquiries. The target is the author of the Trump-Russia dossier.
Sen. Chuck Grassley and Sen Lindsey Graham said they think Steele lied to federal authorities about his communication with American journalists. 

Steele was hired by Fusion GPS which was hired by the Clinton Campaign and teh DNC to do opposition research on Trump.  Steele then used some of the Democrats' funding to pay Russians for salacious and unverified allegations against Trump and his campaign.  The FBI is believed to have used his dossier in a warrant so they could spy on members of the Trump campaign.

This is the tangled web that was weaved to the Clinton campaign and its supporters in and out of government in an attempt to defeat Trump and when that failed in an attempt to get him removed from office.

The plot appears to be backfiring on all who touched it including the media.


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