Americans wounded in Taliban treachery attack

Stars and Stripes:
An American servicemember and his Afghan interpreter were wounded Thursday in eastern Afghanistan after being lured into a meeting with an insurgent group posing as local militia, a U.S. military official said.

The Taliban on Thursday had claimed the attack in Nangarhar province’s Achin district was carried out by two insurgent disguised as local militiamen. Initially, U.S. officials only said an American was wounded and would not confirm whether local militia was involved. However, new details were released Friday revealing the attack was part of an ambush.

The insurgent group had baited an Afghan militia leader, the U.S. servicemember and the Afghan interpreter “under the pretense of a security shura meeting” in the district’s Mamand Valley, where U.S. and Afghan forces have been beating back a local Islamic State affiliate, said Navy Capt. Tom Gresback, a military spokesman in Kabul.

“Upon completion of the meeting, multiple members of the insurgent group opened fire with small arms weapons,” he said in a statement. “The Afghan militia leader was killed.”
At least the treacherous leader is dead.  Finding them before they can attack remains a challenge.


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