UK's war against free speech targets Franklin Graham


Graham, 65, the son of the evangelical preacher Billy Graham, is to be the main speaker at the Lancashire festival of hope at Blackpool’s Winter Gardens in September 2018.

The evangelist, who backed Donald Trump in last year’s US presidential election, has described Islam as “an evil and very wicked religion” and has equated the actions of extremist groups such as Isis with the faith.
Does the Guardian not know that ISIS also equates its actions with Islam?   This piece oozes with political correctness and a fear of opposing views.  It uses the phony disease of "Islamaphobia" to describe criticism of that religion while at the same time heavily criticizing Graham's religious views.

One of the reasons the UK is having so much trouble with terror attacks by Islamists is that it refuses to face up to the facts about their religious beliefs which criticizing those who expose those beliefs.  The willful ignorance appears to have soaked deeply into the psyche of the British left.


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