With cracks showing in the Midwest 'blue wall' Democrats seek to ruin West Coast with liberal policies

NY Times:

Democrats Envision ‘Blue Wall’ of West Coast Dominance

A special election in Washington State could give Democrats a free hand to enact liberal policies, including on climate, across the entire West Coast.
West Coast cities are still enamored with liberalism despite its faults.  Their policies are destroying the middle class.  They can't afford the overpriced housing caused by restrictive policies that favor the rich.  Many are fleeing to red states like Texas where then can enjoy a higher standard of living on less money.  Their polices are hurting the rural populations of those states as well. 

They do have somewhat of a free hand to enact the evils of liberalism and act as a laboratory of failed policies.  Right now they are getting away with it because of a few rich tech companies, but that is unlikely to last as those companies find they can be more profitably in red states.  They are spending too much on welfare and not enough on their crumbling infrastructure.


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