Trump would still beat Hillary Clinton today and the Russians would have nothing to do with it

Erick Erickson:
President Trump has dismal polling. In fact, he has the worst polling of any President in his first nine months in office since Harry Truman. His polling is that bad.

But if the election were held today, President Trump would still beat Hillary Clinton. In fact, the data shows the race would be roughly tied in the popular vote, but Trump would still win the Electoral College.

This is how bad a candidate Hillary Clinton was. She could not beat Donald Trump in 2016 and she could not beat him now. And as long as Democrats keep telling themselves Russia stole the election instead of admitting what an awful candidate Clinton was, Trump will keep winning.
I voted against Hillary Clinton and have been pleasantly surprised so far at the Trump presidency.  He has been more conservative than I expected and his foreign policy seems much better than that of Obama and Clinton.

He has allowed the military to defeat ISIS doing away with Obama's absurd micromanagement.  He is confronting the North Korean nuclear threat much more effectively than Obama or Bill Clinton did.

The economy is growing as a result of his deregulation efforts and will grow even more when teh tax cuts are passed.   I would have less difficulty voting for him now than I did in 2016.  I think his biggest self-inflicted problem is a tendency to drama, and his unscripted approach to some issues.

His court appointments have been some of the best in my lifetime.

I can live with that much better than I could tolerate Clinton's bad policies and bad judgment.


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