Trump swaps insults with 'short and fat' North Korean leader

Washington Post:
Trump blasts critics on Russia, taunts Kim Jong Un: “I would NEVER call him ‘short and fat’ ”

His tweets punctured the careful messaging he and his aides had sought to deliver on a five-nation trip through Asia. Trump ridiculed the North Korean leader after Kim again called him a “dotard.”
It is not traditional "diplomacy."  But it does carry a message to the North Koreans that their old scam of extorting concessions through belligerency is not working this time. 

Trump's critics seem to misinterpret his comments on Putin and Russia, which he later clarified by saying he believes US intelligence on Russian interference.

Trump does have good reason to be wary of Obama intelligence officials like Clapper and Brennan who appeared to be collaborating with the Clinton campaign to push the dirty dossier which was designed to undermine Trump's legitimacy.  I can understand why he does not hold them in high regard.


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