They left off 'Post' at the end of this headline

Washington Post:
Roy Moore’s refusal to exit reflects the diminished power of Washington

The GOP Senate candidate from Alabama ignored calls to stand down, citing an establishment plot to “undermine this campaign.” Moore’s insistence on running could produce collateral damage for the party heading toward the 2018 midterms.
This is what happens when a media outlet is relentlessly hostile to conservative candidates.  Many of its stories on them border on hate speech.  As for the Washington establishment, they have opposed Moore from the time he entered the race and he clearly owes them little to nothing.  The senate republican election operation spent millions trying to defeat Moore, and he probably owes his nomination to voters who are fed up with the Washington establishment of both parties.

Then you have John McCain who fought back against a story saying he had engaged in sexual improprieties saying Moore should quit simply because of the allegations.  Mitt Romney had bogus claims made by Harry Reid that he was a tax cheat which he fought back against, but he is also saying Moore should not fight back.  I think this country is well beyond assuming guilt because of the "seriousness of the charge."  Is it any wonder that Moore is not listening to them?

With the race currently tied in polls taken since teh story was published, it looks like the media credibility has diminished significantly.  I suspect it is because of the anti-Trump hysteria at media outlets like the Post.


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