Tax code changes would effect blue state economics

NY Times:

California Looks at Tax Plan and Sees Payback, Not Help

Strongly Democratic, the state would be hit hard by the loss or scaling back of widely used deductions, and the governor sees “something very odd.”
California restricts the supply of housing making it unaffordable for the middle class and the resulting higher prices for homes leaves the mortgage deduction benefiting mostly the wealthy.  The state has been poorly managed ever since the Democrats became a majority. 

They have failed to maintain infrastructure while expanding social programs that are helping a poor immigrant population many of whom are here illegally.  They have overpromised on government pensions at all levels of government which means they have had to cut services and education spending on students to pay generous pensions for people who are no longer working.

The blue state model has been a disaster for all but the very rich and the very poor.


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