Senate decision to delay corporate tax cuts is a serious mistake

NY Times:

Senate G.O.P. Tax Bill Delays Cuts to the Corporate Rate

  • Senate Republicans are set to unveil their tax rewrite on Thursday. It delays the corporate tax cut President Trump called essential, yet is more attuned to the middle class than the House plan.
  • The disparate bills show the competing pressures facing lawmakers and the calculations Senate and House leaders are making to ensure passage of the bills through their respective chambers.
The Senate Republicans look like they are trying to lose the Congress in 2018.  If they do lose it, it will be more their fault than anyone else.  They have botched the repeal and replacement of Obamacare and delaying the corporate tax cut will also delay the growth in the economy needed to persuade voters that the GOP is serious about job creation.

The middle class will also be the biggest beneficiary of the corporate tax cuts.  It will free up more money for new jobs as well as free up more money to give people long overdue raises that have been postponed by the Obama failed economic policies.  Those who oppose corporate tax cuts miss the point that corporations don't pay taxes, they collect taxes from their customers.


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