Mitt Romney says unproven allegations are enough to drop out of a race, but he didn't when Harry Reid lied about his taxes

Daily Mail:

The GOP's 2012 nominee for president, Mitt Romney, became the latest Republican to say Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore should get out.
Mitt did not take his own advice when he was running for President and for good reason.  I am skeptical of the current allegations against Moore.

First, it comes from the Washingon Post which is hostile in the extreme to GOP candidates since Trump was nominated.   The author of the piece is the same person who did the hit job on Rick Perry in 2012 about the "racist rock" on a hunting lease that he and his dad used.

The Moore campaign says there is evidence that one the accuser has a history of making false allegations and two of them are tied to Democrat campaigns.  One is allegedly on the staff of his Democrat opponent, and teh other worked for Hillary Clinton.

When you factor in the hate for Moore and Trump by the left there are reasons to be skeptical of the charges.  It seems to have the feel of an orchestrated Democrat hit job that was used at this time because their candidate is still behind.

Moore is a bit of a gadfly as far as most of the Washington establishment is concerned.  I think there is a real fear that they will not be able to control him.

John McCain has also called for Moore to drop out, but he did not when allegations of sexual impropriety were published when he was running for President.


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