Liberalism is trapping blacks in an identity politic web that holds them back

Erick Mack:
Shelby Steele: 'Liberalism Is Biggest Threat to Our Culture'

Steele added "selling" blacks as "victimized" and "entitled" is the "kiss of death" that will hold them back.
Everyone regardless of race or national origin runs into some adversity in life.  Most people find a way to cope with it and overcome, but liberalism has taught too many blacks that the adversity they encounter is because they are black and not because they are like everyone else.  This becomes a crippling disease that actually blocks them from dealing with problems in a proactive way.  In Steele's words, it is holding them back.

Actually, it is the same disease that once compelled some poor whites to join the KKK because they blamed all of their problems on the "other."


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