Ground troops needed to secure nuclear weapons sites

Washington Post:
Securing North Korean nuclear sites would require a ground invasion, Pentagon says

In a blunt new assessment of what war on the Korean peninsula might look like, the Pentagon told lawmakers in a letter that ground forces would be necessary to locate and secure all of North Korea’s nuclear weapons sites “with complete certainty” and warned that in the event of conflict, Pyongyang could use biological and chemical weapons.
One of the lessons of the failed Obama-Clinton policy in Libya is that you need ground troops to secure weapons sites or you risk them falling into the hands of international terrorists. 

While the US and South Korea have the troops to do that and also protect themselves from WMD, they will also likely need cooperation from China so that it does not think the invasion threatens China. 

Cooperation could be as little as sealing the border with North Korea to make sure that the nuclear weapons and the regime heavies cannot escape to actually participating in a ground invasion of the country to secure the weapons.

To date Trump has done a good job of persuading China that the confrontation with North Korea is not intended as a threat to China by the US.  That is a key to any successful operation in North Korea.  China sees North Korea as a traditional invasion route and the US needs to make sure they understand that there is not threat of that.


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