Dirty dossier appears central to FBI investigation

Rowan Scarborough:
The congressional testimony of Trump-Russia figure Carter Page shows that a Democratic-financed dossier can dominate how FBI agents question witnesses.

Mr. Page testified Nov. 2 before the House intelligence committee, which released a transcript Monday evening.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, South Carolina Republican, was particularly interested in how the FBI is conducting its probe of supposed Russian collusion with the Trump campaign.

“So what were the questions the FBI had for you?” Mr. Gowdy said.

“It was an extensive series of many meetings, but they, you know, the core foundation, I would say, in terms of the overall structure in March 2017, was related to those false allegations from the ‘dodgy’ dossier,” Mr. Page said, using his moniker for the anti-Trump document.

He said the dossier and associated investigations have ruined his energy firm. He has no business income, he said, and is living off investments as he worries about death threats and moves around a lot.

The dossier was funded by the Democratic Party and the Hillary Clinton campaign. They paid the private intelligence firm Fusion GPS, which hired British ex-spy Christopher Steele, to investigate and produce it. He wrote the dossier based on paid sources inside the Kremlin. The coordination prompted conservatives to charge that it was the Democrats who actually colluded with the Russians to influence the election.

When Mr. Gowdy asked if all the FBI questions pertained to the dossier, Mr. Page said, “Not all of [them], but I would say that that was a central foundation, and again, it would sort of branch out from there.”

Mr. Page has filed libel lawsuits against Yahoo News and HuffPost for repeating Mr. Steele’s charges in September 2016. Fusion brought Mr. Steele to Washington to brief selected reporters in an effort to ruin the Trump campaign.

BuzzFeed published the entire 35-page dossier in January.

“They are all untrue,” Mr. Page said. “Every word in that about me is completely false. The core allegations of that document were certainly all false.”
I would think that by now the FBI would have been able to uncover who is telling the truth about the dossier, but we already know that other aspects of it have been demonstrably shown to be untrue.  I also think if they had evidence that showed that Page was not telling the truth they would have indicted him on the same charges they brought against Papadopoulos.


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