Congressman Schiff reprise the Joe McCarthy roll when it comes to a Russian conspiracy theory

Rowan Scarborough:
Goose chase? Schiff unrelenting in quest to hunt down proof from Russia dossier

Rep. Adam B. Schiff, who is leading House Democrats’ inquisition into Trump-Russia collusion, has not given up on proving that his party’s financed, Kremlin-sourced dossier is true.
Talk about a bitter clinger, it is Adam Shiff who has clutched the dirty dossier to his bosom and acts like he believes every word of it despite the fact that even its author says it was never verified. 

There is one thing about it he would rather ignore and that is the fact that it ties the Clinton campaign through their lawyer and through Fusion GPS to collusion in an effort to get dirt on a political opponents and then on top of all that they got the FBI to use the dirty dossier as an excuse to spy on a rival campaign using FISA warrants. 

It looks like Clinton campaign money and money from the DNC was used to pay unknown sources in Russia to say things about a political opponent for which they have zero proof.


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