College sued for falsely claiming bakers are racists

Hot Air:
False Charges Of Racism Earn One College A Libel Suit
Oberlin has a history of liberal kookery and this may cement it.

... Last week the Free Beacon featured a story about a small bakery located near Oberlin College in Ohio. The students of Oberlin accused the shop owners of racism and began a very public campaign of protests aimed at shutting them down. (Any of this sounding familiar yet?) The accusations were based on the fact that the owners had apparently sought to prosecute some black students who had visited their shop. But as the details emerged it became clear that racism wasn’t the issue here.

So three students (one of whom was white) were charged with shoplifting at Gibson’s Food Mart and Bakery. Allyn Gibson was physically assaulted during the shoplifting incident. There seems to be no question of innocence because all three of them pleaded guilty to attempted theft and aggravated trespassing

For daring to call the police and have the thieves prosecuted they were branded as racists. Members of the college faculty, including some of the deans, participated in the protests and supported the campaign against the bakery. But police investigating the racism charges found that 40 people had been arrested for shoplifting there in recent years and only six of them were black.
It looks like many in this school have an overrated intellect to go along with their misguided "social justice" nonsense.


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