Expose on Flynn seems to get its timeline wrong

Michael Flynn 'promoted US-Russian nuclear project from White House'

Investigators examine former Trump adviser’s alleged links to private plan to build Middle East power plants

A letter released on Wednesday by top Democrats who are investigating Flynn, who was forced to resign from his post in February because of questions about his links to Russia, accused him of violating federal law when he failed to disclose a trip he took to the Middle East in June 2015 to promote the US-Russia project, as well as several contacts with foreigners that they allege ought to have been declared.
The article gives the impression that Flynn was working in the White House in 2015 a year before the election and it also misleading implies that Flynn resigned because of ties with Russia when he, in fact, resigned for failing to be candid with the Vice President about a conversation he had with the Russian Ambassador which was in no way illegal.

The Democrats are doing some heavy breathing in hopes that the failure to disclose the trip can be leveraged into a confession of some sort in their bogus collusion claims.


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