Things capitalism does better than socialism

NY Times:

The Secret Life of the Banana

Millions of bananas arrive every week in New York City. It takes a lot to get them from the boat to the bodega.
Although Venezuela is closer to where bananas are grown it can't get many for a starving population.  The command economy can't deliver basic food items like a banana.

In New York City, with little government intervention, people on their own get the bananas off the boat and distribute them to retailers who have a market for them.  If there are too many bananas, the price is reduced to find a willing buyer.  If there are too few, the price is raised to find buyers who have a more urgent need for them.

Markets are much smarter than people who think they can repeal the laws of supply and demand.  It is passing strange that so many people in higher education don't get this and think that socialism is wonderful.  That students beleive this nonsense is a black mark on the education system in the US.


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