On immigration liberals think they can repeal the law of supply and demand

NY Times Editorial:

A Senseless Immigration Proposal

Slashing legal immigration would do nothing but energize the president’s nativist supporters.
Insulting those who oppose the current immigration system as "nativist" is not a good argument for the current system that does little to invigorate the economy of the US.   Limiting the supply of new immigrants to those who have skills to contribute to the economy makes sense.  One of the weaknesses in the argument for the current system is that there are no limiting principles on who may come.  This is especially true of the illegal immigration that liberals also seem to support.

But Texas construction workers are already seeing a benefit from the reduced numbers of illegal workers as builders increase wages for legal workers.
"We've seen direct construction costs climb by over 30 percent," Wilson said, "and a lot of that is directly attributed to what builders are having to pay their subs and trades in wages."

Meaning, with so few workers out there, construction companies have had to pay more to attract them, which adds to the cost of a home.
While it will likely lead to increased cost for new construction in Texas at least it will improve the lot of workers as opposed to the building restrictions in California which drive up cost and only benefit people who already own homes.

Those who think the open borders policy of the Obama years did not effect wages are just wrong.

The black unemployment rate under Trump has fallen to the second lowest level it has been in the last 45 years.  Black voters should reconsider who has their interests at heart.


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