NY Times resorts to fake news on the climate

Real Climate Science:
The New York Times said yesterday that heatwaves in the past were “virtually unheard of in the 1950s”, temperatures approaching 130 degrees didn’t used to occur, and summer temperatures have shifted towards more extreme heat.
Every single claim in the article is patently false, and the exact opposite of reality. The authors intentionally started their study in a cold period, after the extreme heat of the 1930’s.
Then they chose a baseline which included the coolest period on record, and declared the record cool to be normal.

There is much more including excerpts from stories in the NY Times going back over a hundred years that disprove the contentions of the article.  Take a look at this piece and all of the examples in it.  What is it about the climate change true believers that lead them to engage in the fraudulent manipulation of data?


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