Massachusetts finds clerks have been providing ID's to illegals which were used for voting

Boston Herald:
Four state Registry of Motor Vehicle clerks and two other people have been charged with conspiring to help illegal immigrants get false identifications — some of which were used to register to vote in Boston — in a blockbuster bust that state officials call “troubling and intolerable.”

The clerks, who were employees at the RMV’s bustling Haymarket Service Center, have been placed on administrative leave without pay pending further review. All six were arrested yesterday and made their initial appearances at Boston’s federal courthouse.

“The RMV finds the alleged criminal and fraudulent actions of these individuals to be troubling and intolerable and has also taken immediate steps to suspend the credentials allegedly fraudulently obtained as part of this enterprise,” Erin Deveney, the registrar of the RMV, said in a statement.
Flako, who according to authorities is an illegal immigrant from the Dominican Republic, was the only person held after yesterday’s hearing. When he was arrested, he had a fake green card, according to prosecutors. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a detainer on Flako, according to federal authorities.

“His role in the scheme caused a number of false Massachusetts identifications and licenses to be issued, as well as false voter registrations,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney Eugenia M. Carris. “His role was the document dealer.”
There is more.

The state claims there is no record of the false ID's being used to vote.  With this kind of corruption is may be hard to tell.


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