Liberals have lost their grip on reality when it comes to Trump

This Op-Ed in the NY Times is one example:

The Past Week Proves That Trump Is Destroying Our Democracy

Do Americans have what it takes to stop him?
Has Trump canceled any elections?  No.  Has he locked up Chuck Schumer or other opposition leaders?  No.  There is no evidence that he has done anything to "destroy" democracy.  To see what destruction of democracy looks like see Venezuela.  Breaking the liberals grasp on power is not a destruction of democracy.  In fact, it is much more democratic than liberals ruling by fiat with onerous regulations.

Then there is this editorial:

Drop the Bluster on North Korea

Threats have gotten nowhere. Mr. Trump needs to take a chance on diplomacy.
What has diplomacy gotten the US when it comes to North Korea.  It has resulted in allowing that country to develop nuclear weapons and now ICBMs.  While liberals were busy giving North Korea money to keep their evil regime afloat and opposing missile defense their diplomacy has made the US more vulnerable to a despotic regime.

Diplomacy with North Korea has been a disaster for the US and its allies and more of the same is not going to fix the problem.  I would note that President Trump has attempted to get China to act responsibly when it comes to their close neighbor, so it is not as if he hasn't pursued options beyond "bluster."


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