Hey academia, is this what 'white privilege looks like?

Washington Post:
Rural Appalachia has begun to fall behind the rest of the country in life expectancy, infant mortality

The emerging health crisis in Appalachia is much more than the opioid epidemic. And the health gap between the region and national averages is relatively new.
This is a good demonstration of how idiotic the whole concept of white privilege is.  Appalachia has always been mostly poor and mostly white.  It has always been mostly behind the rest of the country in economic terms and in achieving success.

The push in academia for the concept of "white privilege" is mostly a means of denigrating achievement by a group as "unearned."  It is as absurd as suggesting the NBA stars are benefiting from "black privilege."  Success is the result of interest and ambition and it is not determined by race in this country.  There are elements of luck in choosing a career, but hard work and determination are the key elements.


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