Google intolerance for diversity of opinions gets it in trouble

Fox News:
A Republican congressman from California took to Twitter on Thursday, objecting to Google’s recent firing of an employee who criticized the tech giant’s left-leaning corporate culture.

“The mistreatment of conservatives and libertarians by tech monopolies is a civil rights issue,” Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, R-Costa Mesa, tweeted.

The congressman’s tweetstorm was prompted by the recent firing of James Damore, an engineer who in a recent memo criticized Google for pushing mentoring and diversity programs and “alienating conservatives.”

“There was a lot of just shaming and ‘no, you can’t say that, that’s sexist,’” Damore said during a video interview posted online. “There’s just so much hypocrisy in a lot of things they are saying.”
The criticism of Google has been growing since Damore was fired.  There has also been a backlash against using its searches with many going for alternatives.   DuckDuckGo has been touted by some because it does not track people's searches or use them to plant creepy ads on web sites they visit.  It also has a feature called "bangs" that allows you to search specific sites.


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