The media is driving its own credibility into the dirt, Palin's lawyers should take note

Rod Dreher:
Why People Hate The Media, Chapter MDCXIII

No wonder some leading lights in the national media class hears Donald Trump give an ordinary speech taking a few paragraphs to praise the good things about Western civilization, and declare it to really be a farrago of dog-whistling about white supremacy. Left-winger attempts mass murder of Republicans: it’s the fault of right-wing talk radio. Radical Muslim massacres gays and lesbians, and says in a phone call from the murder scene that he’s doing it for ISIS: it’s the fault of Republicans. So, I guess if you get right down to it, Steve Scalise pretty much shot himself — right, Washington Post? Better get a reporter right on that story. It shouldn’t be too hard to nail down, seeing as how you only need a single quote from somebody willing to speculate on the record.

These people are so lost in their anti-conservative bigotry that they can’t tell up from down or right from wrong.
Dreher's piece quotes the editorial board of The New York Times blaming Republicans for the actions of a confesssed ISIS supporter who committed a mass murder in Orlando.  Sarah Palin's lawyers might want to check out the editorial because it shows a pattern and practice of the Times editorial board attempt to shift blame for acts of violence onto Republicans.  This will make it harder for the Times lawyers to sustain their attempt to show the attacks on Palin were just a "mistake."


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