Streamlining oil and gas drilling permits on federal land

Gabriella Hoffman:
New Secretarial Order To Streamline Federal Onshore Oil & Gas Exploration

Since January 31, 2017, the Bureau of Land Management has been sitting on 2,802 Applications for Permit to Drill (APD). The current statute in place requires DOI and BLM to process APD reviews within 30 days. Last year, the process time in Fiscal Year (FY) 2016 averaged a whopping 257 days. (This goes to show how virulently anti-energy the Obama administration was.)

In the official DOI press release, Secretary Zinke elaborated on his latest secretorial order:

“Oil and gas production on federal lands is an important source of revenue and job growth in rural America but it is hard to envision increased investment on federal lands when a federal permit can take the better part of a year or more in some cases. This is why I’m directing the BLM to conduct quarterly lease sales and address these permitting issues. We are also looking at opportunities to bring support to our front line offices who are facing the brunt of this workload.” said Secretary Zinke. “This is just good government and will further support the President’s goal of American energy dominance.”
This has been sorely needed.  The Texas Railroad Commission which handles permits on Texas land is much more efficient.  It is good to see that Sec. Zinke is pushing his agency to do their job.  Under Obama, they seem to think it was their job to thwart energy production.


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