Others catching onto media fraud by omission in the Donald Trump, Jr. meeting

And that is how NBC lies by omission. Akhmetshin’s links to pro-Russia lobbying efforts and to Fusion GPS are well documented. Fusion GPS’s links to pro-Russia lobbying efforts and to the international woman of mystery, Natalia Veselnitskaya are also known. But the fact that two Fusion GPS operatives had a meeting with Trump, Jr., at a time when their employer/prime contractor/whatever was shopping the Trump dossier doesn’t even cause a tingle of curiosity.

Right now we have two of the attendees at this meeting, that would be both of the Russians, who either worked for or with Fusion GPS on a pro-Russia lobbying effort. In addition to the pro-Russia lobbying, Fusion GPS also produced the very pro-Russia and virtually 100% fictitious “Trump dossier.” At some point the people who are pushing every bullsh** story that comes out of the media should be asking why the same people doing opposition research on Trump were involved in setting up a bait-and-switch meeting with Donald Trump that was tailored to fit into the Hillary Clinton campaign’s narrative of Trump being under the influence of the Kremlin. By preponderance of evidence, who is actually working for Russia? But that would require work.
Sen. Grassley had made the connection as early as March 31 well before the current stories circulated.  NBC's "scoop" fit the narrative of a Russian connection but did not bother to tie him to Fusion GPS and its dirty dossier.  This is going to be another scandal that blows up in the face of the media and the Democrats.

I did a post on this connection yesterday noting that the NY Times also did not bother to make the connection.  This story is turning into a disaster for the media.


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