Norks say they tested an ICBM

NY Times:

North Korea Claims It Tested Intercontinental Ballistic Missile

  • North Korea on Tuesday claimed a milestone in its efforts to build nuclear weapons that could reach the mainland United States.
  • U.S. and South Korean authorities were continuing to analyze the data. Experts said the missile could be capable of hitting Alaska.
The missile landed in the Sea of Japan like others it has tested and the US military described it as an intermediate range missile.  I suspect it will lead to further sanctions against Chinese companies that are providing resources to North Korea for its missile program.

It appears that the US has been signaling its displeasure with China's failure to impose more restrictions on North Korea.  First, the US made a big arms sale to Taiwan and then followed that up with a destroyer challenging China's artificial island armament program by sailing inside the 12-mile limit China has attempted to impose.

Trump has also warned China that the US may act alone if more steps are not taken to rein in the Nork program.


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