Media errors about Trump getting harder to ignore

The Hill:
Media errors give Trump fresh ammunition

Adding insult to injury: Breitbart News, the pro-Trump media outlet that is scorned by many in the mainstream press, has been fact-checking their mainstream counterparts with some success.

Breitbart’s Washington political editor Matthew Boyle was first to call into question a CNN story on alleged ties between a Trump associate and Russia that was later retracted. Boyle was also reporting on an error in an Associated Press report when the newswire corrected and later rewrote the story.
“There’s a dramatic difference in the degree of hostility the press has shown Presidents Trump and Obama,” said Tim Graham, a director at the conservative Media Research Center. “I guess it’s easier to make errors writing stories where Trump is twirling his villain’s mustache than when you’re writing about how tone Michelle Obama’s arms are.”
I have to admit I have never understood the media obsession with Michelle Obama's arms.  But what I do see is a media that is also obsessed with "getting" Trump.  Since that is their agenda, they are more likely to go with stories that fit that agenda even when the sourcing is suspect.

It is clear t me that they never went that hard at Obama in the Fast and Furious scandal or the IRS abuse scandal.  I think there it was because they supported Obama's actions despite the questionable legality.  Obama's agenda fit theirs.


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