Media and some state officials deliberately misinterpret audit of voter rolls

Washington Post:
Most states are now partially or fully refusing to hand over data to Trump’s voter fraud commission

The majority of the states responded that local officials should be managing elections and that the White House’s request for volumes of information went too far.
Democrats and liberals in media want to block access to data that would show whether or not there is widespread voter fraud.  The audit has nothing to do with managing elections which would still be in state hands.

It would likely find people who are registered to vote in more than one location.  It might also turn up people who have given bogus addresses in the registration process.  Democrats would evidently prefer to keep fraudulent registrations on the books in hopes that their operatives can use those in a close election to steal an office.

As usual, the media is acting as a cheerleader for Democrats rather than someone seeking the truth.  The truth is that an audit of voter registration is no more the managing of an election than accountants auditing the books of a company is managing that company.


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